Muhammad Hashim

I'm a Software Engineer with many hats, metaphorically and literally.
I develop React, Android, and iOS Apps.


React Native Developer; ElCoach | JUL 2020 - Present

I walk ~10Km/day (not a job requirement)

Lead Software Engineer, Scrum Master; Open Quran Learning Platform (FOSS) | FEB 2020-JUN 2020

Online platform for remotely teaching and reciting the Quran (React, Flask, PostgreSQL)

Lead Software Engineer; Canesee (Graduation project) | SEP 2019 - AUG 2020

Smart glasses and cane for the blind.
Recoginses faces, texts, scenery, and emotions;
Uses ultrasonic sensors to detect obstacles.
(TensorFlow, Android/kotlin, Raspberry Pi, Arduino)

Co-Founder, Software Engineer L2; Medicibe | FEB 2018 - MAR 2020

I developed the company's Bonus app for Android, iOS and web with Java, Kotlin & and React. As well as internal tools for the company

Mobile App Developer; Freelancing | JUL 2017 - JUN 2020

I wrote trending apps on Google Play for various clients using Kotlin & Java
I also write trending Google Play apps by the name of mhashim6

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"Roots matter, or no leaves shall be.
Lo! Is it an upside-down tree?"

Icons by Icons8

"Not night as ours–Unhappy Folk!
Where nigh the Earth in hazy bars,
A mist about the springing of the stars
There dwells a thin, and a wandering smoke,
Obscurring with its veil half-seen,
The Great, Abysmal, Still Serene."

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